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Internet Service for Houston

DSL-Houston is an Internet Service Provider based in Houston, Texas Dedicated to providing low-cost High Speed Internet Services to Houston and many other major cities in Texas. At DSL-HOUSTON we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a local Internet Service Provider serving the Houston Community since 1988

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At DSL-HOUSTON we offer a wide range of services including VoIP Services, Residential DSL, Business DSL, Business T1 Lines, Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers and more! With DSL-HOUSTON Ordering your Internet Services just got easier!

What can DSL-HOUSTON do for you?

DSL-Houston uses only local support staff; No 800 number to call when you need help. You can be assured that your Web Site and E-Mail are actually being hosted in Houston and although we do specialize in Business DSL, Business T1 Lines and VoIP Services, we don't discriminate. All of our customers receive the same, high level of service that our business customers have learned to expect.

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